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Intimate Partner Violence

What Is Intimate Partner Violence?

  • Is violence that women experience in their relationships
  • It can include a current, dissolving, or past relationship with a husband, common-law partner, lover, dating partner or caregiver
  • It can include physical, emotional, sexual, financial, or spiritual abuse.

Facts About Intimate Partner Violence

  • Abuse isolates you from your family, friends and community
  • Abuse becomes more frequent and more severe over time
  • Long term abuse can affect you causing headaches, abdominal pain, depression, alcohol and substance abuse
  • On average a woman suffers abuse 35 times before she goes for help
  • Seeing violence affects children in their relationships and in coping with anger and conflict
  • The better you plan before you leave, the more successful you will be - make a safety plan
  • The most dangerous time is when you try to leave an abusive relationship
  • Abuse often begins in pregnancy
  • 8 out of 10 Aboriginal women have been involved in an abusive relationship
  • Abuse occurs in all social classes, ages, races and cultures