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Staying Safe

Here are some things you can do to try and keep yourself safe while out at parties or bars: 

  • Do not leave your drink unattended
  • Only accept drinks from a bartender or server - not from casual acquaintances or strangers
  • Get your drinks in bottles, not drinking glasses and keep your thumb over the top of the bottle
  • Do not take drinks from punch bowls or open, unattended containers
  • Do not share or exchange your drinksIf your drink is left unattended - don't drink it
  • Go to and from parties and bars in a buddy system - make a pact not to leave eachother no matter what happens or who you meet
  • Set your sexual limits before you go out for the night and stick to them
  • Be assertive with your personal limits
  • Avoid going into cars with people you don't know very well
  • Be prepared to provide you own transportation homeDon't leave a party alone with someone you just met
  • Be prepared to be loud if you need help or to defend yourself
  • Let your parents or friends know who you are going out with
  • Trust your instincts  

And for you guys...

  • Don't put pressure on a woman to have sex
  • Don't assume you know what she wants
  • Speak up if you feel you are getting mixed messages from her
  • If you are confused about what she is telling you - don't have sex
  • Keep in mind that alcohol and drugs impair your judgment
  • Consent in not legal if someone is under the influence of alcohol or drugs and you have not been previously sexually active with them
  • Know which behaviours constitutes a sexual assault

What to do if you feel threatened:

  • If you feel you are in an uncomfortable or unsafe situation you are probably right. Get yourself out as soon as possible.
  • Try to negotiate or stall for time
  • Try to distract the assailant then run away or try to escape
  • Don't be afraid to call for help or "make a scene"
  • Scream loudly to attract attention.  Say things such as "Leave me alone" or "Get away from me"