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Youth & Kids

Being a child or youth is mostly fun, but it can be very stressful too. Children and youth need the skills, knowledge and resources to be safe, healthy and informed in today's society.

The Assault Care and Treatment Program-Support and Prevention Services for Children and Youth aims to provide interactive and awareness focused presentations/workshops on the following topics.

  • Bullying - bully, victim, bystanders
  • Healthy/Unhealthy Relationships
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Sexual Assault
  • Teen Dating Violence
  • Other related topics or issues identified by schools, parents, students and the community

The following Curriculum Services Canada approved programs are available by a trained facilitator with the Sioux Lookout Assault Care and Treatment Program:

  • Root of Empathy Program
  • Red Cross Respect ED Program
  • C.A.R.E. - Challenge Abuse Through Respect Education - a personal saftey program for children in grades SK - 3
  • It's Not Your Fault - an abuse prevention program for students in the intermediate grades
  • Power of Wise Women - (POWW)

To book these programs for your school or class, free of charge, please contact the ACT Program at 737-6566 or 737-6565.  You can also find information about these programs at the website's listed on previous page.

This service works collaboratively with schools, parents, and other services in the community focusing on children and youth.

A Social Worker/Counsellor from the Assault Care and Treatment Program is available to provide initial support and guidance to school-aged children and youth who are experiencing any of these issues. Referrals can be made from parents, principals, teachers, attendance counsellors and other local children/youth services with Parental Consent.

Where a child or youth is presenting with concerns requiring longer term children's mental health counselling, the social worker/counsellor will inform the parent/guardian on how to access these services in the community of Sioux Lookout.

Bullying FYI...

Every 7 minutes, someone is bullied on the playground. In 85 percent of the bullying episodes, peers are present. Adults seldom witness or have the opportunity to intervene in bullying. 80 to 90 per cent of students indicate that watching makes them uncomfortable. When peers do intervene, bullying stops within ten seconds 57 per cent of the time.

Bullying website

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Information derived from Building Safer Communities - National Crime Prevention Strategy Winter 2002-2003 Issue No 7. (Canadian Source)

Assault FYI...

The Highest risk groups for sexual assault in the adult category are young women between 14 & 18 years old.

Taken from Safeteen

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