Sioux Lookout Meno Ya Win Health Centre :: Assault Care & Treatment Program :: Sioux Lookout, Ontario

Assault Care & Treatment

Our ACT counseling, is a component of our 24/7 Assault Care and Treatment Program, one of the province’s recognized SADVTCs.

For more information on the nursing and forensic components, Please click here to see our ACT brochure.

Who Can Access the Services?

Counselling is available to clients living both in the Sioux Lookout Zone and in the Northern Region.  It is available to both victims and perpetrators of sexual assault, domestic violence, or intimate partner violence;  whether acute or historic.

Clients of all ages are accepted into this program, including Pediatric and Senior populations.   Referrals for this service can be received from a Physician, or a nurse. 

We encourage participation of partners and family members in the counselling process.

Acute clients are often connected directly to the ACT Program Nurses prior to counseling and every effort is made to accommodate them ASAP.

Historic clients will be booked based on the availability of our specialized ACT counselors.


Our Mandate for this program includes a maximum of 20 sessions. These sessions can be provided over the course of year, with a maximum of 8 sessions per visit.