Sioux Lookout Meno Ya Win Health Centre :: Parking :: Sioux Lookout, Ontario

Parking at SLMHC

How to Use Our Parking System

Entering: Drive up to the parking gate and pull a ticket from the dispenser.  The arm will rise and you can drive in and park. Bring your ticket with you when you leave your vehicle.  

Exiting: When leaving the hospital, go to the nearest self-serve payment kiosk (located near hospital entrances) and pay for your parking time using credit card, debit or cash. The system will issue you an exit parking pass that you will scan at the gate upon exit.

Please ensure that the payment is made upon exiting the hospital. The system will allow you 15 minutes to pay at the kiosk, walk to your car, and exit before it will require additional payment.

Parking Rates

Daily Rate  
First ½ hour $1.00
Second ½ hour $1.00
Third ½ hour $1.00
Each ½ hour thereafter $0.50
Daily Max $5.00
Lost Ticket $5.00
Discounted Passes  

5 day pass $15.00
10 day pass $25.00
30 day pass $30.00

Frequently Asked Questions