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Quality & Risk Management and Accreditation

The importance of quality and risk management was underscored in 2010 with the passing of Ontario's Excellent Care for All Act (ECFAA), legislation that mandates all hospitals comply with strict guidelines and reporting requirements relating to evidence-based delivery of health care.

Sioux Lookout Meno Ya Win Health Centre has demonstrated its commitment to these quality requirements with the development of a new position within our hospital late in 2011. The Manager of Quality & Risk Management and Accreditation is tasked with the responsibility of developing benchmarks to guide our progress on the quality journey and to ensure that our quality measures can be proven and are statistically meaningful.

Complying with ECFAA requires that we pick quality improvement areas, set measurable targets, outline the initiatives on which we plan to focus and post this information as a Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) on our website. We are then required to post our results( see QIP below). We welcome the transparency and accountability that ECFAA brings to health care and invite you to visit these links.

Almost 85 percent of SLMHCs patients are First Nation people, with the majority coming from remote communities. English is not their first language, and 19 different dialects of Ojibway, Cree, and Oji-Cree are spoken. The importance of clear communications cannot be overstated in the provision of quality care and in risk management. For these reasons and to give our patients a voice, our hospital has full-time interpreters available.

The quality & risk manager is also responsible for risk management within the hospital, participating in team reviews of critical incidents. SLMHChas implemented the use of RiskPro – an online reporting tool – to allow compilation and analysis of incident data. This tool will provide quality data to help us spot trends, and target our efforts to mitigate risk.

SLMHC has been an accredited hospital for many years, allowing us to maintain our status as a teaching hospital, as well as demonstrating to the public that we have met national standards of excellence. Accreditation Canada provides health care organizations with external peer reviews to assess and improve the service they provide to their patients and clients. Our first accreditation survey in our new facility was in October 2013. We received accreditation with commendation. Thank you and congratualtions to all the staff and physicians who worked very hard for this achievement!

Informational Links

Quality Improvement Plan (QIP)