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Development, Implementation and Outcomes

Program Implementation

To give structure to the implementation of the THMFS program, it has been developed in a series of building-block steps, as follows:

  1. Basic – rudimentary,
  2. Developmental – interim,
  3. Elaboration or mature,
  4. Integration with conventional programs,
  5. Achieving a benchmark level of service

The various components of the program are progressing through these incremental steps. Some are in the elaboration or maturation stage, while others (e.g. dietary aid and food and safe handling) are in integration with conventional programs. Interpreter Services are close to achieving benchmark levels of service. Still others are in basic and developmental stages and will follow the building-blocks as they progress.

The pace at which progress has been made varies from one component to the next.  Generally, our target continues to be at or close to benchmark levels of service in the shortest time possible.  To date, we have found some elements of the overall program progress much more quickly than others.

Program Evaluation and Outcomes

Implementation of the THMFS program began in 2004-2005 and program evaluations based on empirical evidence continue to be developed.  Early results have generated the following:

  • A decrease of at least 50% in patient complaints
  • Immediate identification of process breakdown, e.g. handling of fetal remains

Best practices:

  • Integrated governance model
  • Care and handling of fetal remains
  • Cross cultural patient safety
  • Emerging data and models
  • Cross-cultural patient/client safety analysis
  • Cultural awareness training
  • Interpreter competencies and certification
  • Integrative and inclusive management
  • Conflict mediation
  • Improved patient care
  • Efficient processes are developed  with other departments

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